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Oakwood Bible Church

        Teachers fully committed to the Lord Jesus Christ are a vital component to the success of
        the educational process. OCS operates on the philosophy that the " Teacher is key " !
        OCS also views teaching as a ministry. Teachers at OCS are competent, caring,and committed.
        They are called and compassionate. We at OCS believe that teaching is a skill and a gift.
        We seek talent that is trained and developed, combined with hearts that are true and sent.

        OCS is extremely careful in its selection of teachers.Candidates are hired only after
        a thorough screening of character and qualifications. We seek teachers who are trained, gifted,
        energetic, and teachable.

        Our academic program stresses the mastery of the basic learning skills such as reading, writing,
        spelling, science, math, history, and Bible.

        Along with these standard subjects; art, music, and physical education will be part of the curriculum.
        OCS has also had the opportunity to provide instruction in extra-curricular areas. We have had
        offerings in industrial arts, home economics, and Spanish. We also continue to provide student access
        computer technology. We hope to continue to improve our offerings in these extra-curricular areas.

        Most important of all, God the Creator, the Sustainer and the Author of all life is the focal point
        of all teaching. Bible reading, prayer, chapel time and devotions are all important parts of our
        school day.